Mostly Harmless: To those who want to wear a feather headdress.


To those who want to wear a feather headdress. Yes, I am aware that you grew up watching Peter Pan, Pocahontas, and the like. I’m aware that your great great grandmother might think she’s a “Cherokee Princess” after taking one too many arthritis pills. If you actually are Native, I do not understand why you don’t do some research. You may dismiss Natives’ offense and claim that they’re being stubborn by not sharing their culture. You just want the headdress because it’s pretty, that’s all. Let’s leave religion out of it, amiright? Yes, the headdress is a material object with only a prescribed spiritual meaning. But to take a religious object of an oppressed minority, claim it as your “fashion” now, and get pissed when Natives aren’t flattered by it is bull. If I started sticking up my middle finger to people, and when they got mad, I told them, “Oh no, I’m not being offensive. I decided to take this symbol and make it mean ‘Hello!’ It’s what all the cool kids at Coachella do,” how stupid would that sound? How about this one: Were the Nazis to have taken Judaic stars, dement them, use them in sexualized and stereotypical “art,” and overall make ornaments out of them, would that be okay? Would it be wrong for a Jewish person to call them out? What if 1 in 3 Jewish women were STILL, to this day raped by non-Jewish Germans in her lifetime? Still okay for the German to wear the Star of David in a sexy way? Yes, I’m aware YOU SPECIFICALLY didn’t kill my ancestors and that you aren’t a Nazi (I hope). I’m aware it wasn’t your dad and probably not your grandfather. I’m aware you probably haven’t raped or otherwise physically harmed a Native woman. Natives are treated like storybook characters, things of the past, animals to make your team’s football mascot. We’re treated like cavemen in Peter Pan and sexualized nature-worshipers in Pocahontas. We’re treated like an acceptable theme for a kid’s birthday party. Would you have a “let’s pretend I’m Black by using racist stereotypes” themed party for your kid? Please, say no. War bonnets and headdresses aren’t just “fashion” to us. They are, accurately or not, a symbol of our heritages and a part of specific tribes’ lifestyles. Our cultures and histories aren’t a Sears catalog for you to browse and pluck out whatever suits your current trends, and frankly, deserve to be treated with respect. Maybe I would notice how “hot” and “pretty” you looked in it if I wasn’t so disgusted by the underlying implications of racism and prejudice still very much alive today. Think. Please. Ditch the cheap geometric patterns and neon chicken feathers. You don’t honor us; you disgust us.


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